A Simple A-Z On Picking Crucial Aspects For Clash of King

Clash of the Titans is a fantastic movie retelling the story of Perseus, a half-god, half-mortal son of Zeus who embarks on a quest to stop Hades and his minions in the Underworld from casting evil upon all the Earth. The epic setting and the powerful portrayal of characters has what made this movie such a big hit. No doubt about it, this Halloween, Clash of the Titans costumes will also be very memorable.


Perseus Costume

The son of the Zeus, the father of the gods himself, is Perseus, a warrior so fierce and brave that he defeated Medusa and the Kraken sent by Hades. There is an officially-licensed costume for Perseus and it is available in adult and children's sizes alike. The costume includes a tunic, molded body armor, arm gauntlets, and shin guards. It also comes with a fake muscular chest and abs to depict the half-god warrior. Some Professional Ideas On Clash of King Solutions.

Other Clash Of The Titans Costumes for Men

A unique idea different from other Clash of the Titans Halloween costumes is to go as Hades. While everyone else is planning to dress as the protagonist for Halloween, you can set to take on the Underworld with the traditional long black tunic and black cape included in the officially-licensed Hades costume. The set also has arm guards and leg guards. Additionally, you can also get a wig and fake beard set to complete your Underworldly undertaking.

Or you can also dress up as Calibos, the former king of Argos who was banished from the city and is now commissioned by Hades to complete his mission of ruling over the mortals through fear and destruction. Calibos was a warrior, but the movie shows almost half of his armor already gone. A molded armor is included in the Deluxe Calibos set, along with arm gauntlets, shin guards, as well as fake scarred skin, a fearsome max, and molded finger tips. For the budget-conscious, you can simply buy the silver arm gauntlet and recreate Calibos with your own makeup skills and a bit of artistic ingenuity.

Clash of the Titans Costumes for Women

Io is a beautiful mortal who was cursed to agelessness when she refused to be seduced by one of the gods. You can replicate Io's costume with a classic one-sleeved white dress reminiscent of the Greek goddesses Athena and Aphrodite along with the brown cloak that she hides herself in whenever she watches over Perseus.

However, if you want a more godly-like identity for Halloween, dressing up as Athena or Aphrodite is a no-brainer. It's simple enough; wear a body-fitting white dress, preferably one-sleeved, and don a silver arm gauntlet if you are Athena, gold if you are Aphrodite. If you can't find a good enough dress, you can fit into the sheets yourself, and make sure all the folds and clips are found in the right places. You can also get the official Aphrodite wig, made of adorable pink curls topped with a shell hairpiece.

Accessories for Clash of the Titans Halloween Costumes for More Zing

Keep in mind that you will need these accessories to complete the look you are going for:

The Sword of Perseus. Certainly, no warrior is going to war without his loyal sword. Perseus' is made of copper and is styled with intricate Greek writing.
The Shield of Perseus. This definitely comes with the sword.
The Sword of Calibos. Not some shiny and majestic sword like Perseus, but certainly a dangerous, jagged sword that has slain many skilled warriors.