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Ask any teenager today how many hours they spend facing their computer playing video gaming and the answer will surely startle you. Nowadays, youngsters spend a large amount of time playing video gaming, thereby turning gaming into a main-stream industry. There are different genres of video gaming, each having its own gaming history. Each year, gamers of each genre wait with bated breath for their favorite games to be released.


A few of the popular game genres include the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG, the First Person Shooters or FPS, Arcade games like racing, simulation games and many more. There are certain other genres of games as well and these include the action and adventure, role-playing, real-time strategy and third person shooter games. Each and every genre has their very own pair of sub categories.

First person shooter games require the ball player to play as if they are experiencing the overall game through their very own eyes. A few of the other kinds of games include the flight simulation games where in actuality the gamer needs to play the role of a pilot and the whole screen feels like the cockpit of an actual aeroplane. There are certain Real Time Strategy games where in actuality the players are shown command of a particular map and they've to gather resources to create colonies, empires and fight wars.

The arcade racing games place the gamers at the driver's seat and allow them to contend with the fanciest cars of the world along with the best 3D rendering of the gaming environment. A massively popular genre of games includes the MMORPG where players from throughout the world bond and play the overall game live, thanks for their Internet connections. The ability of playing by having an actual person as opposed to the Artificial Intelligence of the overall game makes these MMORPG so famous.